Explore Universal Consciousness – Part IV of the Consciousness : Evolution of the Mind Documentary (2021).

Part IV of Consciousness: Evolution of the Mind (2021) Documentary
It is true that there is only one universal consciousness. We individualize our awareness by filtering it through our nervous system and our \”local\” minds. But the consciousness itself, in a broader sense, or our \”core\” Self, has always been universal. Knowing this through experience was called enlightenment through the centuries, as well as illumination, awakening or transcendence.

Here’s Consciousness – Evolution of the Mind 2021, Part IV: UNIVERSAL COUSINSESS

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IMDb-accredited movie, TV-PG rated. Director: Alex Vkoulov Narrator Forrest Hansen Copyright: 2021 Ecstadelic Media Group Burlingame California USA

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IMDb accredited film rated TVPG
Director: Alex Vikoulov
Narrator: Forrest Hansen.
Copyright (c) 2021 Ecstadelic Media Group, Burlingame, California, USA

*Based on recent book The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind’s Evolution (2020) by evolutionary cyberneticist Alex M. Vikoulov, available as eBook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Syntellect-Hypothesis-Paradigms-Minds…atfound-20

Many people believe that they see the world objectively. Our perception can be viewed as a \”controlled illusion\” because the brain’s incredible capacity to filter sensory data is critical to creating a coherent awareness of our world. This amazing ability can limit our access to the vast consciousness that we are part of. As advances in neuroscience, neurophilosophy, and neuroengineering take us boldly into a future of neurally-interfaced technology, we will literally become one with both our devices and each other. This interlinking can create an uber-conscious supermind.

Many people can bet on the Cybernetic Singularity, which will lead to cybernetic immortality as well as engineered godhood. This is in contrast to the AI Singularity where Homo Sapiens is quickly retired as an aging parent. This meta-system shift from the Global Brain to Gaian Mind involves the evolution of our individual minds. It’s about Self-Transcendence.

If consciousness is the heuristic engine that ‘informs’ reality, using information (which is a distinction of experiential states) as its heuristics, then an optimal level of complexity in patterns would be equivalent to a phenomenal brain. It’s impossible to say that the complexity of this mind must be at its highest in what we call biological. The global intelligence of humans combined with ever-more-capable AI could create a superorganism that metabolizes, where the \”cells\” may be periodically replaced but the grander pattern remains.


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