Discovering the dangers of bioethicists’ push for healthspan and duty to die for the elderly

Bioethicists push health care rationing based on \”Healthspan\”, \”Duty to die\” and \”Healthspan\”.

The law requires that you die at 75. You don’t need to cure a disease, because you’ll die of another one after 65? New article reveals the dangers associated with a ‘healthy lifestyle’ rather than a longer life expectancy.

As you age, your duty to die increases. We will give up less as we grow older, even if it is only to save fewer years and reduce the amount of time we have left.

It is more likely that you will feel a duty to die if you’ve lived a rich and full life. You’ve already experienced all the positive things that life has to offer.

Most bioethicists who denigrate the equal importance of the lives of the elderly and/or who promote age-based health-care-rationing schemes are not as explicit or impolitic in their advocacy as Hardwig. If the change is forced or policy-driven, then it would be dangerously close to justifying this utilitarian goal.


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