Kelsey Moody, LysoClear Program, at the Ending Age Related Diseases 2019 Conference

Kelsey Moody presents on the LysoClear Program during Ending Age Related Diseases 2019.

Kelsey Moody, of Ichor Therapeutics, presented the LysoClear program at the Ending Age-Related Diseases Conference organized by the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation in the beginning of this year. LysoClear represents a commercial development of rejuvenation therapies, starting with the discovery of microbial enzymatic agents capable of breaking down harmful age-related molecular debris that can contribute to age-related diseases and aging. The research has been completed, but the next step is to get the product approved by regulatory agencies and into clinics.

If you look at the entire program, I believe that it could be said to have been the first modern rejuvenation initiative, having started in the early 2000s. LysoSENS was the first SENS program to be funded modestly by philanthropy. It started at the Methuselah Foundation. You may recall that some of us collected dirt from graveyards for analysis in search of microbial species which consume the molecular debris that our bodies can’t remove. Researchers knew these microbes were present because graveyards don’t accumulate the waste. It is broken down in the environment. When the Methuselah Foundation spun off, the program was carried over into the SENS Research Foundation. A portion of the program was licensed to Ichor Therapeutics and later became LysoClear.

Kelsey Moody to End Age-Related Diseases 2019


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