The Longevity Diet of Okinawa – 7 Healthy Foods Japanese Centenarians Consume Everyday

Japanese centenarians consume 7 healthy foods every day to ensure longevity
Japanese food is full of nutrients and can be used to create vibrant plates that look like nutritional masterpieces. According to Blue Zones, residents of Okinawa (a Japanese prefecture that comprises more than 150 islands located in the East China Sea) have the longest life expectancy worldwide. Women and men on the islands can expect to live an average of 84 years and 90 years respectively. This is because the population includes the highest proportion of over 100-year-olds.

Diet plays an important role in determining longevity. Healthy Japanese foods that Okinawa centenarians eat every day include many treasures from the sea and earth.

Bitter melons, also known as \”goya\”, are often used in Okinawa vegetable dishes. Melissa Rifkin RD, a registered dietitian, says bitter melons are ‘anti-diabetic.’ They help lower blood sugar levels.


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