Cajal Neuroscience Launches with $96 Million to Transform Neurodegeneration Drug Discovery

Cajal Neuroscience launches $96 million in order to transform the drug discovery process for neurodegenerative diseases
Cajal Neuroscience is a biotechnology firm that combines human genetics, genomics, and advanced microscopy in order to find novel therapeutics and targets for neurodegeneration. The company has completed a $96 Million Series A financing.

The Column Group, Lux Capital and additional investors participated in the financing. These included Evotec and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Longevity. Technology: Cajal, based in Seattle, is dedicated to finding novel therapeutics to treat neurodegeneration. The biotech’s platform is designed to unlock disease complexity at an unprecedented scale by integrating expertise in neuroscience, computational biology, and neuroanatomy with state-of the-art technologies.


Cajal Neuroscience launches with $96 million to transform neurodegeneration drug discovery

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