Securing the Fountain of Youth – Unlocking the potential of longevity technologies

The Greatest Investment Opportunity Ever: Longevity

The exponential potential of longevity technology

Jim Mellon, a former banker and investment manager in Germany, became a multi-billionaire after he seized a variety of opportunities. These ranged from the beginning of privatization of businesses in Russia to uranium mines in Africa and German real estate. He says that all that money will look like a drop in the bucket compared to what he expects to make from biotechnologies, which will extend human life beyond 100 years.

The British investor was so excited about these technologies, he wrote a book in 2017 about them called Juvenescence: Investments in the Age of Longevity. He also launched a company to capitalize on them, Juvenescence Ltd. The word \”Juvenescence\”, which means to be youthful, is real. Mellon is 61 years old and says: \”I hope that this stuff will work on me as well my portfolio.\”

Juvenescence Ltd. has invested or is about to confirm investments in nine biotech firms. Mellon raised $62.5 millions from the company and other partners. He will not discuss the majority of them. One of the deals involved an 11 percent stake Insilico Medicine. This company uses machine-learning techniques for drug discovery. Insilico Medicine, Mellon’s company and Juvenescence AI formed a joint-venture to study the therapeutic properties specific compounds. Mellon believes that the venture will be able to develop a drug called \”senolytic\”, which helps the body remove cells that have stopped multiplying and may damage other cells.


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