Explore the Possibilities for Growing Young with Sergey Young

Growing Young
He claims that without technology, we won’t live beyond 150. It is possible to rejuvenate worms and mice and rats.

In this video, Sergey discusses his thoughts on when we’ll reach Longevity Escape Velocity. He also talks about the implications of people living longer for society.

Sergey Young, a visionary and longevity investor on a mission to extend the lives of one billion people and help them live healthier and longer lives. Sergey Young founded the Longevity Vision Fund in order to accelerate technological breakthroughs and make longevity more affordable.

Sergey serves on the board of directors for the American Federation of Aging Research and is a Development Sponsor of AGE REVERSAL XPRIZE, a global competition to cure aging.

Sergey Young is a leading longevity expert who has appeared on CNN, BBC News, Fox News and Forbes. Sergey Young is the author of ‘The Science and Technology of Growing Young,’ and the brains behind the online platform SergeyYoung.com. He loves to share news about the fascinating world of longevity.

Sergey’s new book, \”The Science and Technology of Growing Young\”, was published in August 2021. It offers his perspectives on what breakthroughs will be on the horizon as well as practical steps that we can take to ensure our health to 100 and beyond.

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Sergey’s Book is available on Amazon.
The Science and Technology of Getting Younger: An Insider’s Guide to Breakthroughs That Will Dramatically Increase Our Lifespan… and What You Can Do Now.
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