Explore the health benefits of optimal nutrition by exploring the power of fasting and calorie restriction

Fasting is a time-limited activity

! Fasting and calorie reduction have positive effects on longevity and health.

Traditionally, nutrient composition and caloric consumption have been used to design optimal diets for different phases of life. The adjustment of meal frequency and size has proven to be a powerful tool in preventing and delaying disease. Fasting periods, whether or not they are accompanied by a reduced energy intake, have also been shown to have significant health benefits. The physiological processes include periodic shifts in metabolic fuel sources, the promotion of repair mechanisms and energy optimization for cellular health. Future research should focus on the integration of a nutritious balanced diet, with controlled meal sizes and patterns, as well as periods of fasting, to develop better strategies for preventing, delaying, and treating chronic diseases associated to aging.

There has been no parallel increase in healthy ageing to the increase in life expectancy. Both developed and developing countries face social and economic challenges due to the disproportional increase in their elderly population and chronic diseases. Geriatricians have made a significant contribution to our understanding of aging, from a clinical, social and mental perspective. The primary objective of aging studies is to improve health and design and test interventions to prevent or delay age related diseases. Energy, environmental quality and genetics, along with socioeconomic status are the strongest determinants of longevity and health. Energy intake is under our control. Environmental quality and genetics may not be directly within our control.


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