Unlocking the Secret to Age Reversal: How Bryan Johnson is Using Technology and Data to Game Nature’s Course of Aging

A CEO who sold his business for $800m helped build four $1billion companies. Here’s why, according to him, investors should invest early in one of the tech industry’s most neglected and unsexy markets

Bryan Johnson, 45, has a heart and lungs that are younger than 37 years.

Johnson, a biotechnologist and entrepreneur, hopes to manipulate nature’s aging process and achieve the health and organs of an 18-year old by undergoing a data-driven intensive experimental program that he calls Project Blueprint.

A recent Bloomberg profile on the CEO revealed that Johnson may spend as much as $2 million this year on his body. Early signs suggest he is on the right track to unlock the secret of age reversal.

Ashlee Vance of Bloomberg reported that doctors’ test results showed Johnson to have the heart and skin of a 38-year old, as well as the lung capacity of a 18-year old.

Bryan Johnson, a middle-aged tech millionaire and his 30 doctor team have devised a plan for rebooting his body.


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