Prepare for LEAF NYC Conference with June’s Rejuvenation Roundup!

Rejuvenation Roundup June 2018

LEAF’s Monthly Revitalization Roundup is Out!

The month of July has arrived, and we are only a few days away from our conference in New York City! Get your tickets now if you haven’t already so you can relax and enjoy the June roundup knowing your seat is secure.

Our NYC Conference

If you missed it, our first conference in New York City is Ending Age Related Diseases: Investment Prospects & Advances in Research. The conference will be held on the 12th of July at Cooper Union and will include talks and panels featuring several excellent speakers. These include Dr. Vera Gorbunova, from Rochester University, as well as Dr. Vadim gladyshev, from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Aubrey de Grey, from SENS Research Foundation and Dr. Kelsey Moody, from Ichor Therapeutics. Get your ticket and don’t forget that Lifespan Heroes receive 75% off!


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