Juan Williams, Emmy Award-winning Producer, explores inter-generational dynamics, ageism and aging in America.

Juan Williams — Emmy Award Winning Television Commentator, Radio Personality, Newspaper Columnist
Juan Williams, Emmy Award winning TV commentator, Radio personality, and Newspaper Columnist, talks about intergenerational dynamics, ageism and aging in America.

Juan Williams, Emmy Award-winning Television Commentator and Radio Personality as well as Newspaper Columnist has joined us today.

Williams is a Fox News contributor since 1997. He has also been a writer for The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Williams worked as a White House correspondent, national correspondent, White House analyst, and op-ed writer for The Washington Post.

Williams is a prolific author who has written several books, including Thurgood Marsh: American Revolutionary and Eyes on the Prize, America’s Civil Rights Years. He also wrote We the People, a book that outlines the modern-day figures that have reshaped and affirmed the Founding Fathers vision of America.

Williams is a member of the Washington Journalism Center and the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program. He also sits on the board of directors of the New York Civil Rights Coalition.

Mr. Williams is also a strategic advisor to Generations United. This organization has a mission of improving the lives and well-being of children, youth and older people by fostering intergenerational collaboration and implementing public policies and programs.


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