Welcome Dr. Christian Schafmeister at the 2020 Undoing Aging Conference

We are happy to announce that Dr. Christian Schafmeister will be speaking at our Undoing Aging Conference 2020.

Christian Schafmeister, Ph.D. Professor at Temple University, Philadelphia, says: \”We’re developing \”therapeutic catalysers\” — small robust catalysts which will penetrate the tight spaces in tissues and fix things. We are aiming to reverse the unwanted crosslinks in the extracellular matrix that occur with age.

Enzymes, while possessing exquisite substrate-specificity, are limited by their molecular size in their ability to gain access to their substrate when it is embedded within dense material. This has always been a concern for us when trying to restore the elasticity in aged tissues. Christian’s work could solve this problem with molecules that are smaller than enzymes, but have the same catalytic functions.


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