Washington University Grant of $68 million to Unlock the Secrets Proteins that Predict Age

Grant of $68 Million to Families with Long-Lived Healthy Lifespans

Families with long, healthy life spans focus of $68 million grant~ via Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis https://medicine.wustl.edu/news/families-with-long-healthy-l…ion-grant/

Scientists reported on Thursday that a few hundred proteins in the blood can be used to predict a person’s actual age. However, this is based on a person’s biological age which does not always match their chronological age.

The researchers refer to this clock as a \”proteomic\” clock. It is based on the measurements of protein levels, which fluctuate over time. It’s an interesting discovery but for the moment it is just that. Researchers must first gain a better understanding of the proteins. If they do, then they may be able to use their levels in clinical trials to determine whether drugs are working or not. They could even develop a treatment using a cocktail that acts as a rejuvenation booster or can improve health.

The paper4 was published in Nature Medicine on Thursday. Its senior author, Tony Wyss Coray, is a professor of neurology at Stanford.


Families with long, healthy life spans focus of $68 million grant

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