Vote for the LEAF in Project for Awesome 2018, to support the fight against age-related diseases

Support the Drive to End Age Related Diseases during Project for Awesome

Project for Awesome 2018 is finally here and you can vote for videos that support our charity to help us win funds.

Each year, charities are selected through voting and each one receives a certain amount of money, depending on the fundraising at P4A. In the past, charities received about $25,000 per charity, which is an impressive sum for a non-profit organization like LEAF.

We can use these funds to purchase new equipment for reporting at conferences and other events, and to provide the best possible media experience to our audience. In 2019, we plan to host a larger conference in New York City. This will take place over two days, rather than just one day as we did this year. With your help, we will make it one of the most important conferences in the field of rejuvenation and biotechnology. We will also make sure that high-quality footage is available to the public. We can also use the money to hire more writers to provide you with even higher-quality articles about aging research and news.


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