Unveiling Saboteur: An Enzyme that thwarts Weight-Loss Efforts

Researchers discover key enzyme sabotaging our weight loss

Summary: A team of researchers at UCSD has discovered a key calorie-burning enzyme that sabotages the weight loss process. These scientists could have discovered a drug that can counteract this enzyme. This article was originally published on LongevityFacts.com. Brady Hartman is the author.

Have you ever wondered why dieting can lead to a weight loss plateau? This is because the body tries to maintain a constant weight by regulating energy expenditure. It has been a mystery how this occurs.

A team of researchers from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, led by Alan Saltiel Ph.D., identified a key enzymatic factor that sabotage weight loss during dieting in a paper published 8 February in the journal Cell. Dr. Saltiel, director of UCSD’s Institute for Diabetes and Metabolic Health says.


Researchers discover key enzyme sabotaging our weight loss

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