Unveiling NRF2’s Dark Side: Is Eternal Youth a Scam?

NRF2: the magic molecule to eternal youth?

NRF2 is only one of the thousands of proteins that are critical to the cell. However, we know a great deal about it. As soon as a molecule reaches a certain celebrity level, the market for supplements tends to become a hive of activity. We have many NRF enhancers and releasers available today. What could these products do for us? And how much of a good idea is too much?

To state the obvious: if NRF2 is beneficial to your body and you have good cells, then it must be. This argument is flawed, though, because not all cells are good. Nobody wants to see harmful bacteria flourish and no one wants to see cancer cells flourish. In a recent Nature article, it was suggested that blocking NRF2 could block the invasion and migration of non-small cell lung cancer cells throughout the body. Anyone who wants to benefit from NRF2 may have to think carefully about their approach.

NRF2, also known as Nuclear factor-erythroid 2 related factor 2, is highly sought after because it’s a transcriptional regulator for several anti-inflammatory and antioxidant enzymes. As the authors have shown, NRF2 also acts as an activator for the Rho-ROCK path, which promotes the actin filamentation of cells and their movement. Researchers were able block the activity of NRF2 using an inhibitor called brusatol.


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