Unveiling Israel’s Longevity Industry: A Report Open-Access from Aging Analytics Agency & Vetek Association

Aging Analytics Agency Photograph

Press Release for Aging Analytics Agency’s and Vetek Association’s 500+ page report on the Longevity Industry. Includes quotes from Nir B. Barzilai, MD, founding director of Institute for Aging Research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York; Rafi Eitan (former chairman of Israel Pensioners’ Party, \”GIL\”, founder minister of Israel Ministry for Senior Citizens and current chairman of Vetek Association; Ilia Stambler Chief Science Officer of Vetek Association.

Link to the Press Release: http://analytics.dkv.global/data/pdf/Longevity-in-Israel/Lon…elease.pdf

Link to the Report: https://www.aginganalytics.com/longevity-in-israel


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