Unveiling Aging Complexity: A Detailed Map Brain Synapses over Time

A detailed map reveals how the brain changes with age

The connections between neurons are intricate networks that determine the outcome of the mind, just as human relationships can influence, push or drastically change societal values. These connections called synapses are the ones that store your thoughts, memories, and behaviors. They also contain information about your worldview, values, and mental health.

Synapses represent how you grow and change over time. A connectome is a snapshot of your entire neural network. Synapses are similar to human connections in that they come in many varieties and change as we age. It has been difficult to capture how synapses evolve over time.

In a technological feat, an international team of scientists from the United Kingdom (UK), France and Sweden led by Dr. Seth G.N. In a Science paper, Grant from the University of Edinburgh redefined impossible with a paper. The team mapped the synapses in the brains at various ages of mice, including one day, a week and up to 18 months old. They also outlined a timeline showing the diversity and number of synapses across over 100 brain regions.


Amazingly Detailed Map Reveals How the Brain Changes With Aging

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