Unraveling the Principles of Aging Using Artificial Intelligence

A new AI-enabled study reveals the secrets of aging

The new work by Gero, published in Nature Communications in collaboration with Roswell Park Comprehensive cancer Center, Genome Protection Inc., and other researchers, shows the power of AI in combination with analytical tools borrowed directly from the physics and complexity of complex systems, to gain insights into the aging process, resilience, and future medical interventions in age-related diseases, including cancer.

Longevity. Technology: Modern AI systems perform at superhuman levels in medical diagnostics, including detecting cancer on MRI scanners. The researchers went one step further this time and used AI in order to determine the principles of how the biological aging process unfolds over time.

Researchers trained an AI algorithm using a large dataset of blood tests collected over the course of the lives of tens and thousands of mice. The AI algorithm was then used to predict future health status of the animal based on its current condition. The artificial neural networks accurately predicted the health of an aging mice with the aid of a single parameter, called dynamic frailty indicators (dFI), that accurately characterised the damage an animal accumulates over their lifetime [1].


New AI-enabled study unravels the principles of aging

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