Unpacking News: Ryan O’Shea’s Rejuvenation Rundup Podcast

The Rejuvenation Roundup

The Rejuvenation Roundup podcast is now available. It’s a monthly podcast that goes along with our Rejuvenation Roundup digest. Watch the first episode hosted by Ryan O’Shea of Future Grind.

The Rejuvenation Roundup, brought to you by Nicola Bagala is our monthly digest. It takes a look the biggest news stories involving industry and keeps you up-to-date on current developments in aging research. The Rejuvenation Roundup is a podcast hosted by Ryan O’Shea, host of the Future Grind Podcast. It complements our monthly Roundup articles published here on the blog. The podcast is not meant to replace our regular Roundup articles, but rather to provide a deeper look at some of the most important stories. It also includes interviews and quotes from industry leaders. Enjoy both the written and podcast version every month!

Ryan discusses a wide range of topics, from the busy month of July in the rejuvenation field of biotechnology. These include the inclusion of \”ageing related\” in the 11th revision of WHO’s International Classification of Diseases(ICD-11), as well as insights from leading industry figures about the latest news. The accompanying article, July Rejuvenation Roundup, is available here. Nicola covers more news in the industry not covered by the podcast.


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