Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity: Biophysical Therapeutics Emerges from Stealth

Biophysical Therapeutics, a company dedicated to longevity, emerges from the shadows

Biophysical Therapeutics is a company that uses computational biology to discover drugs. The Delaware-based firm’s primary targets are cancer, diseases of aging including Alzheimer’s and aging itself.

Biophysical Therapeutics, founded by Dr Michael Forrest (a Cambridge University biochemistry graduate and PhD in computer sciences), has Professor George Church, the renowned biotech entrepreneur from Harvard Medical School, as its advisor. Professor Bruno Conti, of the Scripps Institute at La Jolla in California, is also a company advisor.

Longevity. Technology: In 2006, Conti’s team published an interesting result in Science. They found that (in female mice), reducing metabolic rate (by reducing body temperature by 0.34degC), increased life expectancy by 20%.


Longevity company Biophysical Therapeutics emerges from stealth

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