Unlocking the Secrets of Biological Immortality: Deciphering the Genes of the Immortal Jellyfish, Turritopsis dohrnii

Scientists decipher genes to discover secrets of the immortal jellyfish

The jellyfish can survive by avoiding death through this process, which is repeated indefinitely.

Human beings have been driven to achieve immortality for most of human history. There are many strange legends and fables about the quest for the elixirs. Medieval alchemists spent countless hours trying to discover the formula of the philosopher’s stones, which gave rejuvenating powers. Juan Ponce de Leon’s quest to find the fountain of youth during his conquest of the New World is another well-known tale.

No one has yet discovered the secret to eternal life. Turritopsis dohrnii, a creature that is no bigger than four millimeters, is the exception.

Jellyfish can achieve biological immortality

Turritopsis can regenerate and is biologically immortal. How does this challenge our perception of ageing?

We’ll start by understanding the life cycle of \”mortal jellyfish\”. It reproduces by sperm fertilizing the eggs of the female. The zygote then forms. The zygote is a larva that drifts along the seabed until it attaches to itself. It grows into a polyp and reproduces asexually when it is ready. It does this by releasing tiny jellyfish that grow into adult stages and reproduce before dying.


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