Unlocking the secrets of aging: David Sinclair’s approach for a longer life

Harvard Professor David Sinclair Wants to Reverse Aging & Slow Down: David Sinclair’s Approach for a Longer life
David Sinclair is determined to reverse and slow down aging. Sinclair views aging as a serious disease. He believes that epigenetic changes are responsible for aging. These abnormalities occur when cells in the body process extra DNA or pieces of missing DNA. The information needed to keep our cells healthy is lost. These information tells cells what genes to read. David Sinclair describes in his book \”Lifespan: Why we age and Why we don’t need to\” the results of research, theories, and scientific philosophy, as well as potential consequences from the advances made in genetic technology.

Researchers are just now beginning to understand how yeast, a relatively short-lived and simple organism, ages. Sinclair makes a convincing case for why life-extension technology will ultimately offer the possibility of life extension using genetic engineering.

His team and he recently developed two artificial-intelligence algorithms that predict biological age and death in mice. This will pave way for similar machine-learning models to be used in humans.
Loss of epigenetic data is probably the cause of aging. As an analogy, if DNA is digital information on a CD, then aging results from scratches. We are looking for the polish.

This process, which is imperfect, occurs every time you divide a cell. The DNA strands on the ends of the chromosomes are replicated to copy the genetic information into each new cell. Over time, your chromosome ends can become scrambled.

The progress of genetic engineering has shown that the changes can be reversed at the cellular levels. This allows us to improve the function of our organs, as well as slow down the aging process.

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