Unlocking the power of protein folding: How AI is revolutionizing medicine to create superpowers and cure ALL diseases

How this pill can cure ALL diseases — Hacking the body with protein folding
In the near future, a futuristic pill will be able to cure any disease or fix any problem with the Human Body. It may even help you live longer. The Artificial Intelligence of Google’s Alphafold 2.0, which has solved the problem of Protein Folding to create a medical database that all researchers and scientists can use free of charge, is responsible for this advancement in Biology.

The process of protein folding involves the translation of a protein to its native structure in three dimensions, which is usually a \”folded\”, conformation that makes the protein biologically useful. David Sinclair uses it to create pills and future medicines that will give humans actual superpowers.

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00:00 An \”Once in a Lifetime Invention\”.
What is Protein Folding 00:59
03:48 How AI revolutionized the medical industry
What does this mean for the future?
AlphaFold 2.0 Current Issues – 08:07
09:07 Last words

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