Unlocking the Power of Adhesive Molecules: A Step Forward in Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine Breakthrough – Cellular \”Glue\”, to Regenerate Tissues and Heal Wounds. Regrow Nerves

Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco have created molecules that act as \”cellular glue,\” allowing for precise control over how cells bond together. This discovery is a significant step towards regenerative medicine’s long-term goal of building tissues and organs.

In the body, adhesive molecules hold tens or trillions of cells in highly-organized patterns. They create neuronal networks and guide immune cells towards their targets. Adhesion facilitates cell communication to maintain the body’s self-regulating function.

Researchers have engineered cells that contain customized adhesion molecule, which binds with partner cells in predictable and complex ways.


Regenerative Medicine Breakthrough: Cellular “Glue” To Regenerate Tissues, Heal Wounds, Regrow Nerves

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