Unlocking the Potential of Veillonella: Performance-Enhancing Bacteria Found in Elite Athletes’ Microbiomes

Performance-enhancing bacteria found in the microbiomes of elite athletes

A new study has found that a certain type of bacteria in the microbiomes (microbiome) of elite athletes contributes to increased exercise capacity. These bacteria, which are members of the Veillonella genus, do not exist in the guts sedentary individuals.

The researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center found that Veillonella converts the lactic acid from exercise into propionate. This is a short-chain fatty acid. The body uses this propionate for improving exercise capacity. Nature Medicine published the results today.

Aleksandar D. Kostic, Ph.D. TITLE. is one of the co-authors on this paper. He says that increased exercise capacity can be a predictor for overall health, protection against diabetes and cardiovascular disease and longevity. We envision a probiotic that people can use to increase their capacity to exercise meaningfully and protect them from chronic diseases, including diabetes.


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