Unlocking the Potential of Spermidine for Longevity: An Interview with Dr Halland Chen MD

Spermidine has been a popular supplement for a long time, and it’s not hard to see why. It is antiaging and can reduce inflammation and oxidation.
Spermidine, a supplement that promotes longevity, is popular for good reason. It has antiaging properties as well as the ability to suppress inflammation and oxidation. The interestingly named polyamine has been shown to increase longevity in animal models. Research indicates that the decline of this substance with age is linked to age-related illnesses.

Longevity. This background in technology is helpful if you’re wondering whether supplements are for you, and if they are, which ones you should take. A professional opinion is useful. Dr Halland Chen MD, founder of Impact Health, is a Double Board Certified doctor and a Partnered practitioner of spermidineLIFE. We spoke with Dr Chen about his experience of working at the forefront of longevity medicine and the interventions that he recommends for his patients.

I was very active in sports and regenerative medicine, which leads to longevity. What I was focusing on was not only treating the symptoms, but also getting to their root causes. It’s more than wellness and antiaging – it is about healing people. Today, we have more options – functional medicine, functional longevity, and wellness are our main focus.


Spermidine – the supplement making an impact

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