Unlocking the potential of Geroscience: A look at investment prospects and advances in research aimed at ending age-related diseases

Press Release on Ending Age Related Diseases

The Life Extension Advocacy Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting healthy aging and longevity research through advocacy and crowdfunding initiatives. It will host its second annual scientific meeting, Ending Age Related Diseases: Research Advances and Investment Prospects, on the 11th and 12th of July at Cooper Union in New York City.

This conference aims to encourage collaboration among academia, biotech firms, investors, regulators and public health advocates in order to create interventions that will relieve the age-related disease burden on our society. Genome Protection Inc. is supporting the conference, as they are developing therapies that counteract harmful viral components in our genomes that cause chronic inflammation. Icaria Life Sciences Inc. provides contract research on geroscience.

Morbidity due to chronic age-related disease is on the rise proportionally to global population aging, posing a challenge for social protection and healthcare around the globe. It is now a top priority to develop next-generation drugs that target the aging process directly in order to prevent and cure age related diseases. However, the industry faces unique financial, regulatory, and development bottlenecks.


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