Unlocking the Mystery of Yamanaka Factors: The Key to Life Extension?

Yamanaka Factors – The Key to Life Extending?

Yamanaka Factors: A Quick Introduction

We have always sought to live longer. Since the ancient kings, we have tried everything to prevent death and disease. Unfortunately, most of these efforts were fruitless. It turns out that we have always had the ability to reverse aging. This is not in a metaphorical way, but in a very literal one. We have reversed the aging process each time we reproduced.

Ever wondered why a child’s age is not affected by the age of the parents? It may seem absurd, but how can ‘genetic ageing’ not be passed on to the child if the genetic material from the parents, especially the father, has already been aged? This would be a disaster for the entire human species. We would all die very quickly if this process occurred. This does not seem to happen. Why is that?


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