Unlocking the Mysteries of Limb and Oral Regeneration: A Breakthrough for Regenerative Medicine Therapies

Regenerative Medicine: A Breakthrough in Understanding of Limb Regeneration and Organ Regeneration.

James W. Godwin’s discovery in Salamanders brings science one step closer to developing regenerative medicine treatments.

Salamanders, such as the human, can regenerate lost limbs, but adults mammals cannot. Scientists have been fascinated by this mystery for many years.

A team of scientists, led by James Godwin Ph.D. of the MDI Biological Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine has taken a big step towards solving this mystery. They have discovered that there are differences in molecular signals that promote regeneration in axolotls, a salamander with a high regenerative capacity, but block it in adult mice, a mammal that only has a limited regenerative capability.


Breakthrough Understanding of Limb and Organ Regeneration – Closer to the Development of Regenerative Medicine Therapies

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