Unlocking The Fountain of Youth: Exploring Gene Therapies’ Possibilities

Gene Therapies: The Fountain of Youth?
The gene therapies that are now available have possibilities that once only existed in science fiction.

Professor David Sinclair, a Harvard University genetics professor, believes that gene therapy can unlock the fountains of youth.

Sinclair tried for two years to correct the eyesight of a mouse with gene therapy. He finally succeeded.

Sinclair warns people to set realistic expectations, even though these discoveries are encouraging.

He said that many people were eager to take advantage of the research in order to improve their health. \”But I hope that the public will understand that it takes a long time, and that we can’t jump from a mice to a person tomorrow.\”

Nir Barzilai, a researcher on aging, is currently studying clinical trials using the diabetes drug metformin as a direct target for aging.


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