Unlocking the Brain: Lasso-Grafting Enhances Drug Delivery

The Biological Lasso: Improved drug delivery to the brain
Researchers from Kanazawa University used a technique called \”lasso grafting\” in a recent study published in Nature Biomedical Engineering to create therapeutics that have enhanced longevity and brain penetration.

Biomolecules called growth factors and cytokines stimulate cell growth and repair. It is difficult to deliver adequate concentrations of the molecules into the brain in order to treat neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s because they either are cleared from the blood quickly or do no penetrate neural tissue.

Researchers led by Kunio Matsumoto, Katsuya Saia, and Junichi Takagi at Kanazawa University, in collaboration with Junichi Taagi from Osaka University, and Hiroaki Suga of the University of Tokyo, have used \”lasso-grafting\”, a technique that allows molecules to be designed with a longer retention and brain penetration in the body.


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