Unlocking Secrets of Longevity – How to Fight Psychological Ageing and Develop a Long-Term Health Mindset

What Are The Best Ways To Fight Aging Psychologically?

Overall, results show that people who are motivated by failure tend to make bad health decisions, possibly due to lack of motivation. The results showed that failure motivation was strongly linked to the causes of death.

This study, and others like it, show that people who are prone to failure tend to be less successful in maintaining healthy habits. A positive outlook on life can have a significant impact on our health. Healthy behaviors are regular exercise, good diet, an active lifestyle and complete compliance with medical advice. All of these require strong motivation in order to stay on track. Positive thinking also helps us to avoid harmful activities like drinking, smoking and prolonged inactivity. A failure mindset can be a result of health setbacks or hopelessness. It may also come from a general feeling of futility.

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Our parents and grandparents are often used to estimate how long and fast we will live. Technology is constantly evolving and you might benefit by adjusting your expectations of longevity and adopting a longevity mentality.


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