Unlocking National Healthy Longevity : Metabesity in the USA Special Case study

The report is 85 pages long and available for free.

By and Targeting Metabolism to examine the link between Metabesity, the USA’s health deficits including the low health-adjusted lifespan (\”HALE\”), the large gap between the HALE and the life expectancy, in spite of its high healthcare costs per capita, and to make policy recommendations that will help to eliminate this huge health vs. wealth deficit.

Metabesity & Longevity : USA Special Case study is a 85-page, open-access, analytical report, produced by Aging Analytic Agency and Targeting Metabesity. It examines the link between metabesity & longevity and the USA’s current health deficits. This includes low health-adjusted lifetime expectancy (HALE) and a large gap between life expectancy and HALE, despite the USA’s extremely high healthcare costs per capita. The report charts policy

Link to Special Case Study: https://aginganalytics.com/longevity-usa/

Sick care will become more expensive and less effective as the aging population increases. America needs to rapidly deploy a government-led shift from treatment to prevention, and from prevention to precision health, using deep diagnostics and prognostics in combination with biomarkers of aging, metabesity, health and intervention-effectiveness, to delay the onset of disease with as minimal intervention as possible, as early as possible. The potential for rapid policy and infrastructure reforms in the USA to boost National Healthy Longevity can be achieved by seeking synergies among Longevity Research, P4 medicine (preventive personalized precision and participatory), and Artificial Intelligence.


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