Unlocking KLOTHO’s Potential: A New Gene that Boosts Intelligence

KLOTHO, new Intelligence Quotient boosting gene found

WASHINGTON – Scientists found that those who carry a variant gene for longevity have better brain abilities, such as learning and memory. Researchers discovered that mice with higher levels of a gene called KLOTHO were smarter. This could be because the connections between the nerve cells of the brain are stronger.

This could be a significant step in helping millions of people around the globe who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other dementias, said Dena dubal, assistant professor of Neurology and David A Coulter Chair in Aging and Neurodegeneration, University of California San Francisco, and lead author of Cell Reports. Dubal stated that if we could increase the brain’s function, then we might be able counter dementias.

Two copies of the KLOTHO variant or form (KL-VS) can lead to a shorter life and a greater risk of stroke. Researchers found that those with one copy of the KLVS variant did better in a battery cognitive tests than people without it. This was true regardless of their age, gender, or presence of the Apolipoprotein 4, the main genetic factor for Alzheimer’s.


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