Unexpected Discovery of an Anti-Aging Mechanism for Immune Cells

Scientists discover an anti-aging mechanism that was \”unexpected\”

The University College London-led multinational team has developed a mechanism to slow down or even prevent the normal aging process of immune cells. This is one of nine \”hallmarks\” of aging.

Researchers say that the discovery of this mechanism in-vitro, in cells, and in mice, was \”unexpected.\” They believe that harnessing it could extend the lifespan of the immune system and help people live longer and healthier lives. It would also be useful for treating diseases like cancer and dementia. The researchers’ findings were published recently in Nature Cell Biology.

Lead author Dr. Alessio lanna, Honorary professor at UCL Division of Medicine explained the study: Immune cells remain on high alert, ready to combat pathogens. They must also persist in the body for many decades to be effective. However, the strategies used to achieve this lifetime protection are not well known.


“Unexpected” – Scientists Discover an Anti-Aging Mechanism

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