Understanding the impact of aging on the immune system: The relationship between inflammation and longevity

The relationship between longevity and immunity

The decline of your immune system is strongly correlated with a shorter lifespan in the future. The immune system is responsible for a wide range of functions and has a variety of cell types. Its breakdown can have serious implications on health and longevity. As we age, the immune system gradually declines, and becomes less efficient. It is also more likely to cause chronic inflammation because of inappropriate activation.

Inflammaging is a chronic inflammation that can be smoldering and continues to linger. It interacts with the aging process, causing various diseases. Inflammaging is like the glue that holds these damage together. Each of them contains an inflammatory component, and their progression is often accelerated when there is increased inflammation.

Inflammation disrupts tissue regeneration and maintenance by blocking different repair pathways. When this inflammation is chronic as it is in older people, organs and tissues heal poorly. It is not surprising that chronic inflammation makes it difficult for older people to heal from injuries.


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