Uncovering the Evidence Behind Anti-Aging Supplements: A Critical Analysis with Dr. Matt Kaeberlein

Anti-aging supplements: Science or snake oil?
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Matt Kaeberlein, in this Ask Me Anything Interview, discusses the evidence behind anti-aging supplements and interventions. He describes anti-aging medicine’s promises and dangers, based on his research into rapamycin and healthy longevity for dogs (The Dog Aging Project). He also shares some tips to help us become more critical and avoid hype and false claims.

This interview is essential viewing for anyone who wants to take a critical view of the field and find a balance between enthusiasm and evidence.

Enjoy this interview, I do!

00:00 Introduction.
04:33 Definitions: Aging, lifespan, healthspan.
What is biohacking?
14:56 The Dog Aging Project
19:39 Rapamycin and longevity in mice
22:28 Can rapamycin impair muscle growth? Does it have a contraindication for those who wish to gain muscle mass?
Exercise, inhibition of the mTor and rationale for cycling Rapamycin and exercising.
29:46 How to avoid the trade-off between growth and resilience in terms of longevity.
32:00 Epigenetic clocks – Hope vs. hype.
Best functional markers for longevity.
36:30 Auto-immunity and immune senescence.
40:24 Matt Kaeberlein on the best and worst longevity supplements.
What Matt does to extend his life?
Lucia and Matt discuss the benefits of calorie restriction.
How can we discriminate between science, and smuggled oil?

The Dog Aging project: https://dogagingproject.org/


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