Uncovering Secrets: Government’s Longevity Project & the Pill to Live Forever

This Pill will Make You Live Forever – The Government’s Life Extension Project
The USA Government secretly works on a real Anti Aging Pill that aims to improve health and extend lifespans. Aubrey De Grey was interested in this new research project on longevity, he stated in an interview. He is also working on other types of medications to help people live forever, or at least stop aging.

Dr. David Sinclair is primarily interested in epigenetics and aging. He has a particular interest in NAD+ metabolism, sirtuins and NAD+ precursors such as NR and NMN. David Sinclair also works on supplements to slow down aging.

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The first of its type.
What this Pill can do for you.
04:48 Aubrey De Grey’s Opinion.
05:43 Biotechnology and Longevity.
Last Words at 07:07

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