Transhumanism and Environmentalism: Why Technology will Replace Nature in the Future

Environmentalists Are Wrong: We Should Replace Nature, It Isn’t Sacred

The environmentalist and climate change message is increasingly being spread. I decided to write a counter-argument about why I prefer technology and new technology to nature and sustainability. Here is my latest article:

On a warming planet bearing scars of significant environmental destruction, you’d think one of the 21st Century’s most notable emerging social groups–transhumanists–would be concerned. Most aren’t. Transhumanists want to live forever and are angry that their bodies are going to age. They blame biological nature and dream of the day when silicon and data will replace DNA.

Their hatred of biology extends beyond their bodies. They view Mother Earth as an hostile place where all living creatures, whether a tree or insect, mammal or virus, are out to get themselves. All things are part of the natural food chain and are subject to the law of nature: in most cases, consumption is violent murder. Life is brutal. I’m reminded of how pets like cats and dogs can sometimes eat their owners after they die.

Transhumanists are a group of people who want to make a change. They want to rid the world of biological life. They prefer concrete, code, and steel. Previously, biological evolution was required to create primates, and later modern humans. But now conscious and directed evolutionary processes have replaced this. The Earth does not need unjust natural selection. It requires moral algorithms that are premeditated and based on logic. They should do the greatest good for the maximum number of people. In less than 20 years, an AI is likely to be more efficient than humans at this task.

Ironically, the fight against the utopian vision has been in development for half a century. Environmentalism, which began with well-intentioned Greenpeace activists in the 1970s and has been surpassed by envirosocialists that want to control all aspects of our lives recently, has taken hold of the political and philosophical discourse at the highest levels of society. Green believers are trying to convince you that humans are destroying the only home we have, Planet Earth. This is the biggest issue of our times. Green believers have called for a \”save earth\” campaign by attempting to eliminate capitalism and drastically reduce our carbon footprint.


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