Towards an Age-X World: George Church’s Achievements, HIV and Aubrey de Grey

In 5 years the world will likely accept that we have reached a post-aging world
George Church, Age X, HIV and Aubrey are all here.

In 5 years’ time, we could be able to accept the idea that we have reached a post-aging society. It could be achieved by mice who would have died at age three, but now live to age two. Then, similar treatments could be used to reverse the aging process in dogs. It could be the first treatments to reverse aging in humans, which not only make them look younger but also restore their muscle mass and other body functions.

Investors will then accelerate funding to finish several promising anti-aging treatments that are currently under development.

Rejuvenate is one of many George Church companies. This company has been testing to reverse the aging of dogs in a secretive manner.


Within 5 years, the world could widely accept that we are within striking distance of a post aging world

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