Theodore Ho, Dr. Theodore: Exploring the Possibilities for Stem Cells in Reversing or Slowing Aging

Theodore Ho
Dr. Theodore Ho discusses the rapid expansion of the possibilities stem cells can be used to reverse or slow the aging process. He talks about his past and current brain work, such as tissue clearing, optogenetics and multifiber photometry, and single-resolution calcium imaging and control. Dr. Ho, a stem cell biologist and neuroscientist, studies the causes and mechanisms of biological aging as well as potential strategies that can be used to reverse or slow them down in order to prevent ageing.

To live longer and healthier, we need to be aware of the diseases that are associated with them.

He has a joint four-year bachelor’s/masters degree in.

Human developmental and regenerative biology/bioengineering at.

Harvard University and received his PhD in Biophysics.

University of California San Francisco. Dr. Emmanuelle Pasegue’s lab studies stem cell aging. He developed a nanoparticle delivery system in college, discovered in graduate school previously unknown mechanisms of cellular aging and molecular ageing of stem cells in graduate, and is now using optical recording to study the neural circuit dynamics of behavior in Deisseroth’s lab. This talk was delivered at a TEDx conference, which is a TED-style event but organized independently by a community.


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