The Unfitting Comfort of \”You Had A Good Life\”: Reflections on Ageing and Death

Menu: Even if you lived a good or bad life, it doesn’t matter if you pass away from aging or any other cause.

If you’re like most people, the thought of a pleasant trip ending is a little disappointing. Someone will say, \”It’s too sad that it is over, but you still had a great time.\” This innocent expression can help you feel a bit better. The phrase is harmless in many situations, but it’s not appropriate in one: when someone dies from aging.

The same but not the same

My grandmother, who was 99 years old, died in the summer of 2011. One day she seemed fine, but the next, without apparent cause, she was barely conscious in bed. She never left her bed for the entire month. My aunt was taking care of her every need, day and night. She was drip-fed until she died. My aunt was stressed out to the limit and couldn’t do much for her. She was torn because she saw her mother in such a state and thought that stopping the drip would have been more humane. My grandmother eventually died because the drip feed was not suspended.


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