The revolutionary gene-edited T cell therapy brings hope in treating resistant lymphoma

The revolutionary gene-edited T cell therapy for lymphoma treatment shows promise with little toxicity

This groundbreaking gene-modified T cell therapy has been successful in treating a form of resistant cancer, lymphoma.

Summary: This revolutionary gene-modified cell therapy has been a success in treating resistant cancers like lymphoma. This article was originally published on Brady Hartman is the author.

Thirty-seven-year-old Nick Asoian of Denver unsuccessfully fought Hodgkin’s Lymphoma using conventional cancer treatments for two years. Nick Asoian was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2008 while in New Zealand to compete at a ski event. After two bone marrow transplants, and two years’ worth of chemotherapy, Nick was still battling cancer.

After a few years, the skier became aware of a clinical trial involving T-cell therapy at Baylor College of Medicine. Asoian spoke with Dr. Bollard, Vicky Torrano and the doctors conducting the trial.


Revolutionary gene edited CAR T cell therapy to treat lymphoma shows promise in cancer treatment

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