The Quest for Immortality: Humanity’s Eternal Dream

The Formula of Immortality
The history of dreaming about immortality is almost as old as the failures in achieving it. In all those years, there have been many different ways to achieve immortality. First, you can take a \”magic\” pill – the fountain of youthfulness, elixirs of life, holy grails, or modern medicine and genetic engineering. The first attempt to achieve immortality was a failure. After that, people tried more creative methods, like building a temple or a monastery. They also made sculptures and paintings. Today, we are talking about digital immortality, and soon I expect virtual immortality. There were also the \”party spoilers\” who asked: Why be immortal?

The human race has evolved in many ways. However, the desire to achieve immortality remains. Generation after generation searches for it, in various forms. Keep with us on our journey to the heart of humanity’s deepest dream. We will see all the trials that have failed.


The Formula of Immortality

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