The Pursuit of Immortality – Exploring the Mind Uploading in Popular Culture

Immortality by mind uploading

In \”Chappie\”, a 2015 film set in the future, robots are used to form a mechanised force of police. A collision between two criminal gangs causes Agent 22, the robot that enforces law, to be severely damaged. Deon, his creator, recommends that the damaged police robots be dismantled and recycled. Deon is kidnapped by criminals who force him to download human consciousness to the damaged robot in order to train it to rob bank. Chappie is the first robot to have a human brain and can feel and think like a person. Chappie uploads Deon’s mind into a spare robot using a neural headset later in the film when Deon dies. In the 2009 Hollywood science fiction film \”Avatar\”, a character named Grace transfers her consciousness to an Avatar-like body by connecting with Eiwa.

The process of mind uploading involves transferring the individual’s memories, personality and other attributes from their original brain to a computerized artificial substrate. Many science fiction films and novels use mind uploading as a key concept. Hanson’s nonfiction book \”The Age of Em\” (Work, Love, and Life When Robots Rule The Earth) is a 2016 book that explores the implications of a world in which researchers have been able to copy people onto computers, creating \”ems\” or emulated humans, who soon outnumber real people.


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