The New Vitamin NR Could Help Reduce Aging in Adults

A New Vitamin NR that Addresses Aging in Adults

Researchers report that NR, a form vitamin B, increases NAD levels. This article was originally published on LongevityFacts, and updated on April 3, 2018 Brady Hartman is the author.

Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder reported that nicotinamide riboside, a unique B vitamin form, increased NAD levels in a healthy older adult clinical trial. Doug Seals is the senior study author and a researcher at the Department of Integrative Physiology.

This was the first study that gave this novel compound to human subjects over a long period of time. \”We found it to be well tolerated, and that some of its key biological pathways are activated by calorie restriction.\”


New NR Vitamin Promising to Address Aging in Adults

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