The New Method of Measuring Absolute Telomere length in Less Than 3 Hours

Researchers create new system for accurate telomere profile in less than three hours

The plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces prevent them from fraying. Telomeres (repeated DNA sequences) are similar to the repetitive sequences of deoxyribonucleic acids found at the ends of chromosomes. They protect the genetic material from genome instability and cancer, as well as regulating aging.

Telomeres are shortening each time our cells divide. This shortening is increasing with age, and acts as a molecular clock. The length and quantity of these \”clocks\” or telomeres can be used to determine if the cell is aging normal or abnormally.

A research team from the NUS Institute of Health Innovation & Techology (iHealthtech), led by Assistant Prof. Cheow Lih-Feng, has developed a new method that measures the absolute telomere measurements for individual telomeres within three hours. This unique telomere profiler can process 48 samples using only 1 ng of DNA.


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