The Movement for Indefinite life Extension: Finding meaning and staying alive in the 21st Century

The 2018 Drive to Stay alive Message from the Movement for Indefinite life Extension
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There are uncountable mysteries, discoveries, opportunities, experiences, wonders, and more in the universe. So, let’s not die if we don’t have to.

It is much more difficult to argue that radical longevity can’t be engineered into biology. The human race is constantly modifying cells, and the tools, knowledge and capabilities of humanity are growing exponentially.

\”The only thing that stands between you and your ability to live forever is a large amount of mainstream demand for a thriving global industry of R&D in life extension.\” — Eric Schulke

Every day, 15 000 years of Netflix is watched. Spending 15 billion dollars on Super Bowl, and another fifteen billion on Valentine’s Day. These are not bad things, but we must keep them in perspective. Survival is the oldest and most important occupation of mankind. If we are willing to pay attention and follow the plan, then we have all that it takes.

\”Yes, transhumanism is the future. Who would ask, \”Is the future alive and prosperous?\” As if humanity should work towards a future filled with hardship and death.\” — Ray Keyes

The people of these decades are suffering from a great existential void. They need not only life but also deep meaning and purpose. The movement to extend life indefinitely gives them both.


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