The Minds of Pioneers – An Interview with Natasha Vita on Transhumanism and Life Extension.

Natasha Vita More — Transhumanism Life Extension and Cryonics
Well done Tim! — Dr. Natasha Vita-More discusses transhumanism, human augmentation, life extension, and cryopreservation, and provides valuable insights into the latest medical advances empowering body augmentation & super-longevity in humans.

The interview starts with a philosophical discussion on transhumanism. We will discuss what it is, and why it has grown so quickly. This is due to rapid advancements in medical technology as well as an aging population.

We also discuss Dr. David Sinclair’s work, Liz Parrish, Bioviva Science, Alcor and the works of a number of authors, scientists, and thinkers who are pushing the limits of what it is to be human in 21st-century.

Dr. Natasha Vita More is a leader in the field of transhumanism and community organizer. She advocates for human rights, morphological liberty, and ethical methods to enhance human potential.

Natasha has been called an \”early adopter of revolutionary change\” by Wired Magazine, and a role model for superlongevity by the Village Voice. She is also the founder of H+DAO, the first transhumanist autonomous decentralized organization. She is currently the Executive Director of Humanity+. She was a scientist who made a breakthrough in the field of vitrification and long term memory.

Natasha has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Plymouth. The dissertation deals with the theory and application of life extension. She holds both a Master of Science and a Master of Philosophy. She has been a retired Senior Professor at UAT and lectured at Harvard and Stanford Universities, Virginia Commonwealth University, Cambridge, Aalto, Polytechnic and Aalto, as well as a visiting scholar at 21st Century Medicine.



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